Custom Jewelry Services

Bespoke Designs

How long does it take?

Our usual timeline is 6-8 weeks after finalizing the design. Expedited service is available upon request.

For more intricate designs or jewelry with rare gemstones, the timeline will be longer.

Contact us today to learn more about creating a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

What can I design?

If you can imagine it, we can create it! We make custom design rings (engagement, wedding), necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Bring in inspiration photos and let's start designing!

We respect the creative rights of other designers and artists and will not replicate a design. We are happy to be inspired by their work and help you add your personal touch to it.

Can I bring in my own gems & diamonds?


We are happy to use gemstones provided by you. Our jeweller will need to asses the gems to ensure they are compatible with the design.

Everyday Modern

Bridal & Fine Jewelry

Do you use lab or mined diamonds?


Bridal Collections: Can be customized with the choice of lab or mined diamonds. Our secret morse code wedding bands are available with mined diamonds. We are happy to do a combination of lab and mined as per requests but unable to do only lab.

Everyday & Coded Collection: Made with colourless VS-SI natural mined diamonds. Substitution to lab is available upon request, additional fees may apply.

Are your diamonds ethically sourced?


We screen all our our suppliers to ensure they meet our standards. Each diamond regardless of the size is ethically sourced as per the Kimberley Process.

Our lab diamonds are sourced from suppliers with sustainable practices utilizing renewable energy to grow their diamonds.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide.

Please note that you are responsible for any VAT or customs and duties due upon delivery.

Returned items due to unpaid fees will be subject to a restocking fee and additional shipping costs will be required to resend your package.

Do you offer warranty on your jewelry?

For our Canada and USA customers, we offer a 1 year warranty that covers any manufacturing issues such as loose stone and prongs, missing pave stones, and any other defects.

Please note that resizing is not included in our warranty. We are happy to provide a quote if you require a resizing service.

Warranty is voided if the jewelry has been brought to a third party jeweller for repairs.

I see something I like but want to make minor changes to the design.

We are happy to help you customize our jewelry in our everyday collection.

Please reach out to us with a link to the piece of jewelry you are interested in and the changes you would like. We will get back to you with a quote within 1-3 business days.

Inspired by our jewelry but want something bespoke? Contact us to schedule a consultation and let's create your dream jewelry.

Care and Maintence

How to clean my jewelry?

Jewelry should be cleaned regularly to retain its brilliance.

  • Our Store: Come by and get it professionally cleaned in our ultrasonic.

  • At Home: You can use a few drops of Dawn dish soap and some warm water to clean your jewelry. Remember to rinse with water and do not do this over a sink and risk dropping your jewelry down the drain.
  • For a deeper clean, use our foaming cleansers specifically formulated for our jewelry while being gentle on your skin.

Why is my white gold a little yellow?

White gold is an alloy created by mixing yellow gold with white metals such as nickel or palladium. The resulting 14K or 18K white gold has a faint yellow hue. To achieve that bright white colour the jewelry is plated with rhodium.

Over time the rhodium plating will wear off to expose the original colour of the white gold. Routine rhodium plating of your white gold jewelry is common.

Jewelry such as rings will wear faster and require more frequent plating than a necklace. This is an important maintenance factor to consider when purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band.

We offer rhodium plating services for jewelry purchased with us or from another jeweller. Contact us or come by the store to get a quote for servicing.

Can I polishing my jewelry?

Polishing jewelry can make it look new again by removing all the surface scratches.

For gold jewelry we do NOT recommend doing this often as polishing will remove layers of gold off your jewelry to smooth out the scratched.

Platinum jewelry is more durable and is able to handle more frequent polishing. Platinum is more malleable and during the polishing process the metal is able to move in to filling in the scratches. This achieves that new scratch-free look with minimal loss of platinum.

Permanent Jewelry

The Sparkle Bar

What is permanent jewelry?

A beautiful piece of jewelry that us custom fitted for you without a clasp.

We expertly weld the bracelet, necklace or anklet directly onto you. This ensures that your forever jewelry is tailored to your wrist, anklet or neck, free of clasps, and typically maintenance-free.

While we envision these pieces as enduring, they can be gently removed with scissors or nail clippers if necessary.

Do you do anklets?


We've tested our chains and have selected the best ones suited for anklets.

When fitted correctly, anklets are comfortable to wear with boots and sneakers. Anklets are not reserved for the summer.

It is common for anklets to stretch a little over the first few months. Come back to us to have it re-adjusted back to that perfect fit.

How do I remove it?

Simply use a pair of sharp scissors or nail clippers to cut it at the weld point (round or oval ring).

Keep your chain in a sealed bag and bring it back to us to get it re-welded or to add a clasp.

How long will these last?

Permanent jewelry is not indestructible and it may break when pulled with enough force. We create our permanent jewelry with safety in mind and your special piece is designed to break under a specific force for safety reasons. This is designed to prevent injury. Please remember to follow safety protocols.

If you need to remove your permanent jewelry, save it and come back to get it re-welded on or to add a clasp.

Do you offer sterling silver, gold filled or solid gold?

We offer a great selection of chains in different materials to bring this experience to everyone while still being able to stand behind our product's quality.

We offer chains in the following metals.

  • Italian Sterling Silver 925, American Standard Gold-Filled
  • 10K Gold (special order)
  • 14K Gold

All chains can be made into a bracelet or necklace. Anklets are only available in select chains that have been tested for durability.

How do I take care of my permanent jewelry?

Proper maintenance will increase the life of your jewelry. Here are a few care tips to follow.

  • After exposure to pools or ocean, rise with water and pat dry.
  • When doing sports or operating tools, consider wearing something over your jewelry to prevent snagging and potential breakage.

Bracelet: sweat bands, spandex cuff, etc.

Anklet: long socks to go over your anklet

  • Polish and clean your jewelry with the provided polishing cloth

  • For sterling silver jewelry, avoid contact with sulfur as it can cause immediate tarnishing (usually reversible)

Lifetime Warranty on Permanent Jewelry

We want you to have peace of mind and fully enjoy your permanent jewelry. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our permanent jewelry that is welded on.

We carefully curate the chains we offer and work with reputable manufacturers to produce only quality chains that compliment permanent jewelry.

RE-WELDS: If you need to remove it, save your chain and come back for a complimentary re-weld.

REPAIR: If your chain snapped we can try our best to repair the chain. In the event the chain is beyond repair we offer a discount towards a replacement.

RESIZING: Our bodies are always changing and we want you to always have that perfect fit. It is also common for your permanent jewelry to stretch a little over the first few months. Come back and we can shorten the jewelry back to that perfect fit.

CAN'T COMMIT: If your permanent jewelry doesnt fit your lifestyle or you want to change your stack, come back to add a clasp. Clasps are complimentary for all sterling silver and gold filled chains.

No receipt is required. We will find your customer profile in our system.

All sales are final!

* All warranty servicing is at the discretion of Lylas' staff. Lylas Jewelry retains the right to void your lifetime warranty if we suspect continued abuse of our policy or intentional damaging to your jewelry.

Wax Carving Ring Workshop

What is the difference between the Workshop and Surprise Date options?

The main difference is flexibility.

Our workshops are offered monthly and will be themed. Everyone attending will be guided to create their own version of the featured ring style (signet, stacking, domed, etc). Snack and refreshment will be provided and everyone goes home with a goody bag.

Our Surprise Date option is available any time during business hours. Come into our store and we will provide all the tools, instructions, a treat to create your ring. Our staff is always available for questions to help you create your one of a kind piece. This option has more creative and time flexibility. You can pick which style of ring you would like to carve or if you want to freehand something completely different.

How long until I get my sterling silver ring back?

For workshops, we require 3 weeks to transform your wax creation into a sterling silver ring. Additional time may be required for rings with additional upgrades such as gold plating, engraving, stone setting and etc.

For Surprise Date, we require 4-5 weeks. Rings created during the month will be sent for casting with the rings from our workshop. Rings may be completed sooner for those that come in just before our workshop date. Expedited option is available for an additional fee.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do you have workshops on the weekend?

We offer our "Surprise Date" option during our business hours. You can come in to the store located inside Cafe 417 and we will provide the tools, instructions, a treat for you. We are here to guide you and help you with the process.

This Surprise Date option allows for more creative freedom as well as flexibility with schedules.

At this time, we are only scheduling workshops from Monday-Wednesdays.

Do you offer private bookings?

Yes, please reach out if you are interested in booking a private session with us.

Message us with your event details such as number of guests, general location and date. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is there a time limit?

Our workshops are scheduled for 2.5 hrs. We are happy to assess the situation and extend the time if necessary. We want you to enjoy your time. You are free to come back during business hours to complete your ring if you need more time.

Our Surprise Date option includes up to 2 sessions. Feel free to come back within 14 days to complete your creation. We will hold onto your piece and keep it safe.