Wear Your Story

Our jewelry is inspired by the great achievements in your life. Everytime you look at your pieces you will be reminded of a beautiful moment shared with loved ones, pride from your achievements, or reminded of how great you feel. Our jewelry will help tell your unique life story. Plus who doesnt love a little sparkle in their life!


It's about time! Come get your custom piece of permanent jewelry with us. We personalize each piece to fit you perfectly and fuse it together with a spark.


    An elevated version of your red string promise bracelet. Get sparkled with a piece that reminds you of a promise to yourself or a goal you want to achieve! Cut it off when you've achieved your goal and we can add a clasp for you.

  • LOVE

    Bring your family and friends in with you to get matching pieces. Your new everyday piece will be a symbol that reminds you of your love ones. Just like your permanent jewelry, they are permanently stuck to you whether you like it or not.


    Perfect gift to commemorate any special milestones in life. There is always time to pop champagne and celebrate life. No matter the size of achievement it is all equally important to take time to acknowledge your success.

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