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    Browse our curated selection of over 60+ chains. Enjoy the convenience and charm of having permanent jewelry welded on. Each piece is custom fitted and designed for you to give you the perfect fit.

    Permanent Jewelry 
  • Get Bonded

    Bring a friend or someone special to come get bonded together. Get matching permanent jewelry that reflects your own style while carrying a memorable moment. Ask us about some creative designs ideas.

    Permanent Jewelry 
  • Celebrations

    Let us be a part of your special day by adding a spark to your event. Book us for private events such as bachelorette, showers, birthdays, girls night, graduations, weddings, morning of/getting ready, cocktail hour, corporate parties and more.

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How do I take it off?

Use a sharp pair of scissors or a nail clippers to cut the weld point (round or oval shaped jump ring). Save the chain in a stealable bag.

When you are ready, bring your chain to us to have it re-welded back on or to add a clasp.

Will it tarnish?

This depends on the metal of choice. Learn more about each option to help you understand what works best for you.


Affordable and our most popular option. Sterling silver is a reactive metal that responds to sulfur causing that blackish layer to form. It can easily react with sulfur-containing gases in the air, such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. When worn regularly, the natural oils on our skin can prevent the tarnish from developing. Silver can easily be polished and cleaned to remove tarnish and with proper care, it can last many many years.


This popular choice offers a great option to our gold lovers that aren't ready to commit to solid 14k gold. We only use american standard gold filled that contains at least 5% 14k gold. This means that it's more than 100x thicker than standard plated jewelry. Over time, the thick layer of gold will scratch and wear to eventually expose the jeweller's brass in the core. As a permanent piece it will typically last 1-3 years but with proper care or clasped, it can last much longer.

10K & 14K Gold:

The best option for permanent jewelry! This option contains the same karat gold throughout the entire chain without worrying about tarnishing. Gold is tarnish resistant and can always be polished and refinished to restore its original shine. A luxurious choice that will stand the test of time!

Can I travel with permanent jewelry? TSA?


You are NOT required to remove your jewelry when going through airport security.

Enjoy your jewelry while you travel the world!

Is there an age restriction?

We do NOT weld on anyone under the age of 5 due to choking hazards.

Customers under 13 years old will require parental consent and needs to be accompanied by an adult.

Permanent jewelry can be for everyone and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Walk-in are always welcomed!

We do encourage you to book an appointment online to minimize wait times and guarantee availability.

Click below to book your sparkle appointment!

Do you do permanent anklets?


We've tested our chains and have selected the best ones suited for anklets.

When fitted correctly, anklets are comfortable to wear with boots and sneakers. Anklets are not reserved for the summer.

It is common for anklets to stretch a little over the first few months. Come back to us to have it re-adjusted back to that perfect fit.

How long will it last?

Permanent jewelry is not indestructible and it may break when pulled with enough force. We create our permanent jewelry with safety in mind and your special piece is designed to break under a specific force for safety reasons. This is designed to prevent injury.

If you need to remove your permanent jewelry, save it and come back to get it re-welded on or to add a clasp.

Do you do private parties? Bachelorette | Showers | Weddings | Birthday | Graduation | Ladies Night |

YES! We love being a part of your celebrations.

We can book private events at the store in Cafe 417 between monday to wednesday. We are also happy to host your group during during opening hours.

We can also come to you to set up a pop-up permanent jewelry station.

Contact us for more details on our packages and to get your custom quote.

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