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Permanent Jewelry

The Sparkle Bar

What is permanent jewelry?

It is a dainty piece of jewelry that does not have a clasp and looks seamless. The chain of your choice will be custom fitted on you and sparked together. The process is quick and completely painless.

We can create bracelets, necklaces, anklets and body chains.

Not ready for the commitment?

We can add a clasp so the piece can be removed at will.

Does it hurt?


The process of micro-welding the chain together is painless and safe.

Lifetime Guarantee!

We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of our permanent jewelry items.


If it breaks at the weld point, please bring in the chain and we will gladly spark it back on for you.


If it breaks along the chain, we will try our best to repair the piece. Any pieces beyond repair can be traded in for 15% off towards a replacement piece of permanent jewelry.


If you notice your items are too loose, come by and we will resize it for you to get the best fit.

You may notice more stretching on anklets. Everyday movement and rubbing during sleep can expedite the wear and tear. No worries, come by and we can offer a complimentary resizing it or add a clasp for a fee.


Specific conditions can cause sterling silver to react and change colour. Please avoid contact with sulfur when wearing sterling silver pieces. Contact with harsh chemicals or sulfur can damage and change the colour of sterling silver. Please contact us and we can schedule a cleaning appointment to try and restore your items.


Permanent jewelry not complimenting your lifestyle? No worries. We can remove the piece and add a clasp. Clasps are available for purchase and we will spark it on.

Feel free to add a charm or connector at a later date. We are happy to spark it on for you.


The Sparkle Bar by LYLAS is not responsible for any lost chains. Original chain or permanent jewelry must be presented to be eligible for repairs or re-weld.

If the chain is lost or severely damaged, a new permanent jewelry piece will need to be purchased.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Do I need an appointment to get permanent jewelry?

We highly recommend scheduling an appointment to guarantee a spot during our pop-ups. We are also happy to accommodate walk-ins as well.

Permanent jewelry during business hours require appointments booked in advance.

Looking to get 6 or more pieces? Message us for a private event and we'll come to you.

What if my chain is removed or breaks?

Do not worry. Our lifetime guarantee covers re-welds and repairs. Please see our Lifetime Guarantee under FAQ for more details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Can I go through airport security?


TSA does not ask you to remove fine jewelry, so you'll be able to take your permanent jewelry with you on all your adventures!

What if I need a MRI or surgery?

Permanent jewelry can usually be left on and covered with medical tape. We suggest calling the medical provider to understand their process and requirements. If they request that your permanent jewelry be removed, just use a sharp pair of scissor or nail clipper to cut the connecting piece or jump ring. Save your chain in a sealed bag and we can re-weld it when you're ready.

Do you do private events and Bridal events?


We love doing private events and being a part of your special celebration.

We offer different packages to fit your requirements. We would be happy to give you a custom quote for your event.

Please contact us with the details of your event. We cannot wait to hear from you!

What is the age requirement?

We're happy to do permanent jewelry for anyone over the age of 5.

If you are under the age of 14, please bring a parent or guardian to accompany you to the appointment.

How to remove my permanent jewelry?

Use a sharp pair of scissors or a nail clipper and cut at the weld point or jump ring. Keep the jewelry in a sealed bag to protect it and bring it back to be re-welded when you are ready.

If permanent jewelry is not a good fit for your lifestyle, we can add a clasp. We are happy to help you convert your permanent piece into a clasped piece to better compliment your lifestyle. Clasps are available for purchase and we will spark it on for you.

Bridal Jewelry

Do I need insurance on my engagement ring?

Yes, we highly recommend it!

In most cases, the engagement ring will be the most expensive piece of jewelry you receive in your lifetime. We recommend insuring all jewelry that exceeds your tenant/home insurance limits. A separate policy can be obtained through your current insurer or another party.

Appraisals are available upon requests.

How long does it take to create a custom engagement ring?

We recommend finalizing your diamond selection 7-10 weeks before your desired date. This ensures that the ring can be created in time for your special day. Each ring is fully crafted by hand by our master bench jewellers with 25+ years of expereince.

If you have a tighter deadline, we will try our best to accomediate your request.

Please send us a message to start your bespoke process.

Are your diamonds ethically sourced?

We prioritize responsible practices throughout our supply chain to support the well-being of communities and the environment. We work closely with trusted suppliers who adhere to strict ethical standards and industry best practices that are compliant to the Kimberley Process.

This means that every diamond we offer has been carefully tracked and certified as conflict-free.

The Kimberley Process is an international certification established in 2003 to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds. It sets stringent requirements for the import and export of rough diamonds to ensure they originate from conflict-free sources. The process involves governments, diamond industry representatives, and civil society organizations working together to regulate the diamond trade and eliminate the involvement of diamonds in funding conflicts. To learn more, visit

Do you offer mined and lab grown diamonds?


Engagement rings are fully custom and we can source mined and lab grown diamonds as well as other precious gems.

Do you accept clients from Canada and the United States?

We love working with our clients from across Canada and the United States. The bespoke process is the same working remotely as it is in-person. The difference being your diamond selection stage will be completed via HD photos and videos.

Reach out to us to begin creating your dream ring.

What is a travel ring?

Clients may choose to create a duplicate of their engagement ring to wear while traveling. This reduces the stress associated with personal safety and the potential of losing it or issues with customs. Travel rings are usually created with sterling silver or 14k gold and contains a less valuable gemstone.

Look amazing and be carefree!

Here are the most popular options.

  • Exact copy of the engagement ring
  • Exact copy of the engagement ring with a smaller centerstone
  • Same setting but a different shape for the centerstone
  • A simple and classic solitaire style

Contact us to start creating your engagement ring or to add a travel ring to your collection.

Do you offer refunds?

All bespoke pieces are final sale. These pieces are one of a kind and uniquely designed for each individual client.

Cancellations before the diamond selection or production are subject to a fee. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

Can I get it engraved?


We offer complimentary engraving on all of our bespoke and bridal jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

Damaged or incorrect?

If your piece arrives damaged, please contact us at immediately within 24 hours of receiving your package.

Exchange & returns?

We offer returns on fine jewelry pieces within 7 days of delivery in Canada and the United States.

To be eligible for a return, your item(s) must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn and unaltered, with tags, and in its original packaging. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. and are required to provide the receipt or proof of purchase. For more details on the return process, click HERE.

To start your exchange, please reach out to us at within 7-days of receiving the package. Once the exchange has been approved, ship the original item(s) back. For direct exchanges we will ship out your new item upon receipt of the returned item. For exchanges that involve products of different prices, a credit will be issued and the difference can be paid online. Please note you are responsible for both the return shipping and the new shipping costs and any duties/customs incurred.

More details HERE.

Is my packaged shipped with insurance?

All of our packages require a signature upon delivery and come in discreet packaging to deter theft.

Each piece is insured during shipping.

For more valuable pieces of jewelry, we recommend that you insure the item individually upon receiving.

Do you offer quality guarantee?

We offer a complimentary 1 year limited warranty on all fine jewelry purchases within Canada and the United States.

Customers will be responsible for shipping costs and any additional fees such as customs and duties. This warranty does not cover resizing or regular wear and tear.

Can rings be resized?

Most rings can be resized up to two sizes. Example: if the ring is currently a size 5, we can size up to 7 and down to 3.

More significant size difference can weaken the ring or the stones set into the piece.

Full eternity bands are NOT resizable.

Care and Maintence

Do I need to re-plate my jewelry?

Only white gold jewelry needs to be re-plated to maintain it's bright white finish. White gold naturally has a light warm yellow hue to it which can start showing once the rhodium plating has worn off. The rhodium plating is what gives it that beautiful bright white and silver finish we're accustomed to seeing.

Jewelry like rings will have a faster rate of wear of tear and will require more frequent re-plating.

Below is a general schedule recommend for re-plating your white gold jewelry.

Rings: 6-12 months

Bracelets & Bangles: 2-4 years

Necklace & Earrings: 5-10 years

There are many factors that can contribute to the wear of the rhodium plating. The recommendations above are estimations based on regular daily wear. If you start to see the yellow hue on your jewelry, then it is time for re-plating.

How often should I polish my jewelry?

Platinum jewelry can be polished more frequently compared to gold jewelry which is recommended about a few times during the life of the piece.

When platinum is scratched the metal is displaced and rarely lost. A profession polish will help move the displaced platinum back into the grooves and restore the finish. The rate of wear is significantly slower than gold which makes platinum a more durable option over time.

When gold is polished, a layer of the metal is worn away to even the surface and reduce the appearance of the scratches. Over polishing gold jewelry can lead to damaging and weakening the prongs, clasps, chain and band.

Does jewelry need to be cleaned?


Jewelry should be cleaned regularly to maintain its beauty. Pieces containing diamonds and gemstones look their best with proper cleaning. The prongs and grooves to set these stones are perfect surfaces for dirt and grim to cling onto.

Use a few drops of Dawn dish soap and warm water to help loosen the oils and dirt on your jewelry. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the hard to reach areas and underneath the diamonds and gemstones.

For a deep clean, we recommend our foaming cleaner to help restore the blinding sparkle on your diamonds and gemstones.

Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended as they can loosen the stones over time with frequent use. Remember to always inspect the prongs.

Can I wear my fine jewelry while swimming or showering?

Your fine jewelry should be removed before swimming or showering. Chlorine in pools and harsh chemicals in soaps can be detrimental to the metal and gemstones, causing discoloration or damage. Additionally, swimming activities increase the chances of your jewelry slipping off and getting lost. It's best to keep your jewelry safe by removing it before water-related activities.

My ring falls off in the winter.

It is common for our finger size to change anywhere from 0.25 of a size to more than 2 sizes. This can make sizing for a ring a little more complicated.

The fit change is most noticeable on rings with center stones such as engagements rings. During the colder months we recommend you do a fit test to see if the ring still sits securely on your finger. There should still be resisitance when it slides pass your joint. It not, we should look at one of the options below.

  • Resize the ring to accomedate a smaller fit.
  • Get a travel ring that can be worn during the colder months.
  • Purchased a ring resizer that can temporary give you a more secure fit.

For everyday fine jewelry, we can look at wearing the rings on different fingers to ensure a more secure fit.

Remember to have your engagement ring and any jewelry exceeding your home insurance limits insured separately.